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Who are we?

POLARIS are a leading independent geospatial solutions consultancy.

What do we do?

POLARIS provide a comprehensive range of specialist geospatial solutions to a variety of professional sectors with a particular emphasis on urban design, planning and development projects.

Using a wide range of the leading geospatial software solutions and data sources, POLARIS can assist with many aspects of the planning, design and development process including:

·        Site Feasibility Assessments

·        Site Context Analysis

·        Baseline Studies

·        Phase One Geo-Environmental Reports

·        Flood Risk Assessments

·        Demographic Profiling

·        Socio-Economic Analysis

·        Geospatial Data Services

·        Land Use Surveys & Classification

·        Building Use Surveys & Classification

·        Utilities Surveys

·        3D Urban Modelling

·        3D Terrain Modelling

·        Volumetric Cut & Fill Analysis

·        Planning Applications

·        Land Registry Plans

·        Mobile GIS and GPS Surveys

·        Dynamic Masterplanning

Further information about our services and project experience will be available soon with the launch of our new website.

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